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5 Best Cheap AR Glasses (Budget-Friendly)

One of the major factors people consider when shopping for AR glasses is price. Consumers think this technology is far beyond their price range and hasn’t quite reached the point where they can enjoy it for themselves.

We’re here to tell you that this isn’t the case.

Plenty of low-cost AR glasses can fit into most budgets. These glasses allow you to access this top-of-the-line, game-changing technology for yourself.

In this guide, we’re looking into some of the cheapest AR glasses for sale, exploring their features and what you can expect to pay.

Cheap AR Glasses (Budget-Friendly)

1. Top choice: MyW

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Our MyW AR glasses offer an immersive entertainment experience at an affordable price that fits most budgets. These glasses enable you to watch movies, shows, and other streaming content from platforms like Netflix and Hulu — but that’s just the tip of their feature iceberg.

For YouTubers and video buffs, the built-in 13MP camera allows you to record in first-person perspective and take pictures using voice commands, so you can quickly and easily collect top-tier content everywhere you go.

A unique feature of our MyW budget AR glasses is their real-time language translation. This handy extension will automatically translate words spoken to you in any one of 50 different languages, offering you a transcript in whichever language you prefer.

MyW devices offer an impressive display that provides crisp, high-resolution visuals, outpacing the offerings of more expensive competitors.

Our devices’ Android-based operating system lets you download apps directly from the Google Play store, and each pair includes a remote control for navigating our simple and effective interface whenever you don’t want to use our smartphone app.

On the design side, MyW glasses don’t feel cheap despite their low cost. They are sleek and light, making them comfortable to wear for long periods. They come with a removable polarized lens, which is excellent for reducing glare. You can even wear them with your regular glasses (if you are already a glasses wearer).

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2. Rokid Max

a blue-colored Rokid Max AR Glasses with remote control

If you're looking for high-quality viewing at an affordable price, Rokid Max has you covered. These glasses have a 50-degree field of view and a massive 215” virtual screen.

The device’s 1080P FHD micro-OLED displays come directly from Sony and provide superior image quality and a fast 120Hz refresh rate, so everything stays smooth and natural-looking.

These glasses weigh just 75 g and so remain comfortable for extended periods. They even offer adjustable diopters (-6.00D to 0.00D) to accommodate nearsighted users who want to use the devices without also wearing corrective lenses. 600-nit brightness ensures clear visuals in various lighting conditions.

Quality audio reproduction is another feature built into these cheap AR glasses. They come with professional-grade noise-canceling speakers for impressive sound quality.

When paired with the Rokid Station Android streaming box, the Max becomes an all-in-one multimedia powerhouse. You can stream all your favorite shows, watch anywhere you go, and listen to your favorite music, whether waiting for a bus to work or just hanging out around the house.

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3. XREAL Air AR Glasses

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XREAL Air glasses are an excellent choice for gamers. They offer a 46-degree field of view and a 1920x1080 resolution display for each eye. This cinema-size screen is packed into one of the cheapest pairs of AR glasses we’ve ever seen.

Like the Rokid, these glasses are powered by Sony micro OLED panels, which provide stunning visuals, bright colors, and deep, smooth rendering — excellent for long days of intense gaming.

Compatibility is extensive. Air headsets work with everything from smartphones to the Steam Deck and ROG Ally. Their USB-C DisplayPorts guarantee a low-latency connection for fast-paced gaming.

The frame design is also gamer-friendly, with adjustable temples, interchangeable nose pads, and the option to install prescription lenses. Built-in stereo speakers and dual microphones provide an all-in-one audio solution.

This device’s spatial computing features are perhaps its most exciting aspect, especially when paired with the XREAL Beam accessory. This add-on enables AR gaming elements like body anchoring and real-time 3D scanning of your environment.

Shop XREAL Air here

4. Nreal Light AR Glasses

Nreal Light AR Glasses against a white background

Next up, we have the Nreal Lite AR glasses from Verizon. These are lightweight, affordable, and come with some standard features that explain the lower price point. The glasses weigh 3.74 ounces and are comfortable to wear throughout the day.

The Nreal’s massive 220” virtual IMAX screen is a standout feature. With its sharp 1080p HD resolution, it provides a private theater experience. Integrated speakers enhance the immersion while maintaining privacy — only you can see and hear the content you’re consuming, even if you’re in a crowd.

Compatibility is a crucial strength for these glasses. Simply plug in your phone and launch the companion app; your phone's apps will appear in the AR space.

One significant drawback of these cheap AR glasses is that they can only mirror your smartphone. They can’t display video or audio from any other source, which sets them back quite a bit compared to the alternatives.

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a black TCL NXTWEAR S AR Glasses

Lastly, we have the NXTWEAR XR glasses from the popular tech company TCL. These deliver a great viewing experience with 1080p Sony FHD Micro OLED panels, 45 pixels per degree, and a 201” virtual screen.

The audio is equally impressive, with built-in speakers offering dynamic stereo sound and enhanced bass. Private mode lets you enjoy your media without disturbing others.

Comfort is a key focus, with soft, skin-friendly finishes, adjustable nose pads, and a lightweight 85 g design. The glasses accommodate myopic users with detachable magnetic corrective lens frames.

One of the standout features is these devices’ compatibility with numerous gaming consoles, such as the Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation. A USB-C connection ensures a steady link without worry about difficulty when charging.

Shop the TCL NXTWEAR here


image of a man with a glasses shaped illustration covering his eyes

Let’s discuss some of the most frequently asked questions about cheap AR glasses.

When choosing the best cheap AR glasses, what factors should you consider?

If you already knew what AR glasses are, you likely assumed you’d have to sacrifice some top features to save money when buying them.

The good news is that even the cheapest AR glasses contain some of the best features.

Here are some of the features you’ll want to look for.

Display Quality

The display is everything for your AR glasses. Glasses with high-quality and impressive displays boast the most extraordinary viewing experience.

Look for a high resolution — at least 1080p per eye — and OLED panels that offer deep, vibrant colors. Refresh rate is another important feature because a higher rate results in smoother motion during fast video action, which is vital for both streaming and gaming.


Immersive audio is another crucial factor to look for in cheap AR glasses. Look for built-in speakers with 3D audio because these will offer the most in-depth experience, helping you truly feel like you’ve been transported to a different world while still being aware of your surroundings.


The best part of owning AR glasses is streaming your favorite shows and playing your favorite games, making compatibility a critical feature. Most of the glasses reviewed in this guide are compatible with all major streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and Max.

They are also generally compatible with gaming platforms like the Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch. Glasses with a USB-C connection are usually the best option because this interface makes it easy to link them with just about every modern device.


Whether you’re wearing AR glasses for streaming or gaming, you could be wearing them for hours at a time. This type of duration is where comfort comes into play. Lighter glasses, like the Nreal Light — just 3.74 oz — can be worn longer without fatigue.

Features like adjustable nose pads (found on the XREAL Air and TCL NXTWEAR S) and temple arms allow for a personalized fit.

MyW AR glasses can be worn in tandem with your regular glasses, and they come with a removable polarized lens, so you should have no problem seeing, regardless of outdoor conditions.

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Are AR glasses safe for you?

AR glasses are generally considered to be safe, but there are a few concerns you may want to look into:

Eye strain: Prolonged use of AR smart glasses may lead to eye strain, fatigue, or discomfort, similar to the effects you might develop when using computers or smartphones for extended periods. Taking regular breaks and adjusting the display brightness can help mitigate these issues.

Blue light exposure: Some AR glasses emit blue light, which has been linked to sleep disturbance and eye strain. However, many manufacturers, such as TCL with their NXTWEAR S glasses, have implemented features like TÜV low blue light verification to address this concern.

Accidents or collisions: When using AR glasses in public spaces, users may be more prone to accidents or collisions, especially if they are not fully aware of their surroundings. It's essential to remain alert and use caution when navigating while wearing AR glasses.

Privacy concerns: AR glasses with built-in cameras or recording capabilities may raise privacy concerns for those around the user. Respecting others' privacy rights and obtaining consent before recording or taking pictures is crucial.

Final Thoughts

Our top choices for cheap AR glasses show that you don’t need to sacrifice important features to save some money on your tech purchases.

We recommend our MyW AR glasses as our favorite choice, given their premium features, compatibility, easygoing comfort, and high-quality video resolution. They are the best ultimate intersection of high functionality and low price.

Be sure to choose carefully and pick the best AR glasses that offer the features you plan to use the most. All five choices listed above provide decent options for streaming, gaming, and other use models.

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