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5 Best AR Glasses Compatible with Prescriptions (2024)

Augmented reality (AR) glasses are the newest and greatest in wearable technology, blending digital visuals and information with your real-world surroundings. As this technology advances, more AR glasses are becoming available to cater to anyone who wears prescription lenses. Prescription AR glasses allow anyone with vision impairment to experience enhanced augmented reality with perfect clarity.

In this article, we’ll review the top AR glasses of 2024 that are compatible with prescription lenses.

Best AR Glasses With Prescription Compatibility

Top Choice: MyW

MyW AR glasses with prescription lenses

Our MyW glasses are our top choice for prescription AR glasses and are an exciting step forward in augmented reality wearable technology. They are sleek and futuristic in design, and their goal is to immerse you in a new blend of the digital and analog worlds.

One of the best features of these types of smart glasses is their ability to capture first-person video and pictures hands-free. This allows you to document exciting moments from your personal perspective and quickly transfer recordings to your smartphone.

These glasses are the best AR glasses for watching TV or movies. Our MyW glasses function like a personal theater, letting you view content on a large virtual screen without disturbing others. This setup is excellent for watching movies, giving presentations, or even handling video calls when you’re on the go.

If you’re into social media, the hands-free recording capability allows for point-of-view footage and content creation. Plus, our AR glasses can support up to 50 languages, allowing fluid cross-language communication and offering many advantages in business or travel.

MyW AR glasses also have powerful integrated teleprompter functionality that seamlessly integrates your notes into your field of vision, perfect for enhancing public speaking and presentation delivery.

The best AR glasses prices in this article range from $299 to $2,499, making MyW glasses some of the most affordable for your budget.

If you have prescription glasses, you can wear regular glasses with your MyW device overtop. So you never have to worry about not being able to see clearly.

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rokid max AR glasses

Rokid Max AR smart glasses offer an impressive immersive reality experience in a lightweight, portable package. One of the best features of these Rokid glasses is the 50-degree wide field of view, which Rokid claims is comparable to viewing a 215-inch borderless screen from about 20 feet away.

The visuals in Rokid glasses are powered by a 1080FHD micro-OLED display using a Sony panel. It offers vibrant colors and an impressive contrast ratio, and the display's refresh rate of 120Hz allows smooth motion.

These AR glasses also offer myopia adjustment from 0.00D to -6.00D, allowing many nearsighted users to experience clear visuals without corrective lenses; you can use these glasses as prescription AR glasses.

Some other highlights include integrated stereo speakers for the best audio reproduction, head tracking sensors, and certifications for low blue light and flicker-free operation to reduce eye strain.

Rokid Max glasses also feature AI voice control capabilities and noise-canceling microphones, enhancing the hands-free experience.

A unique 2D/3D switch lets you toggle between standard and stereoscopic 3D content. Rokid Mix glasses connect via USB-C, requiring a compatible Android 10+ device rather than working alone. Still, they support HDCP for access to streaming services when they’re directly connected.

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vuzix ar glasses

Vuzix has established itself as a leader in enterprise-focused AR smart glasses designed for frontline workers in industries like healthcare, logistics, and manufacturing. The firm makes several models, like the M-Series and the newly launched Shield smart glasses.

These glasses are ergonomic, lightweight, and comfortable to wear all day while on the job. The displays are bright and crisp, with a wide field of view, allowing you to maintain normal vision of your surroundings.

Vuzix’s “heads-up, hands-free” capability is valuable for workflows where workers need mobile access to instructions, diagrams, video assistance, and other visual data. These AR glasses integrate video streaming and compatibility with all the major video conferencing and remote assistance platforms, like Zoom, WebEx, and TeamViewer.

On the healthcare side, Vuzix’s medical smart glasses aim to optimize hospital workflows, lower costs, and improve patient outcomes. Vuzix AR glasses can be comfortably worn over regular prescription glasses, so you will have no issues seeing clearly.

This ease of use and hands-free operation are critical in healthcare settings. Overall, Vuzix solutions are excellent for integrating augmented reality wearables into enterprise and industrial use cases, enhancing worker productivity, and driving digital transformation.

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Ray-Ban Meta

ray ban meta wayfarer ar glasses

Ray-Ban Meta AR glasses were developed from a partnership between the iconic sunglasses brand Ray-Ban and Facebook’s parent company, Meta. They aim to offer both AR capabilities and style.

These glasses maintain the familiar aesthetic of Ray Ban’s popular sunglasses, but they have discreet camera sensors to enable hands-free picture and video capabilities from a first-person perspective.

Ray-Ban Meta AR glasses use an app to provide a viewfinder experience and control image and video capture settings. Photos and videos can be edited and shared across mobile apps and social platforms. These fantastic glasses also support audio capabilities, like taking phone calls or listening to music.

The Ray Ban Meta smart glasses are prescription lens compatible, but you would need to get your prescription lenses added to your glasses at participating LensCrafters stores.

Overall, the Ray-Ban Meta AR glasses are a modern and stylish way to experience augmented reality.

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xreal air glasses

XREAL Air AR glasses are lightweight and comfortable, with impressive micro-OLED displays from Sony.

With a 46-degree field of view and 1920x1080 resolution per eye, they give you the viewing experience of your own personal theater, with vibrant colors, smooth motion, and a massive 201-inch virtual screen right in front of your face.

XREAL Air glasses have built-in stereo speakers and mics for audio input and output. You can connect your Air glasses using a USB-C for easy plug-and-play mirroring with a wide range of devices, like smartphones, gaming handhelds, computers — and even mainstream consoles with an additional adapter.

Whether you’re gaming, viewing media, or working across different devices, the XREAL Air AR glasses bring you a big screen in a small package. If you have prescription lenses, you can attach your glasses to the inside of the frames, keeping your vision focused and clear to enjoy augmented reality.

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Are Prescription AR Glasses Safe?

Glasses with cityscape and technology icons

One of the biggest concerns about AR glasses is the potential eye strain or vision issues that prolonged use can cause. However, the manufacturers of these AR glasses are reputable and take measures to ensure eye safety. So, are AR glasses safe? The answer is yes.

Many AR glasses with prescriptions are designed with limited blue light emissions, flicker-free operation, and adjustable eye relief to minimize eye strain. Additionally, the ability to wear prescription lenses with AR glasses eliminates the need to strain your eyes while wearing these impressive headsets.

Like any new technology, moderation and taking breaks are recommended to avoid discomfort. AR glass makers undergo extensive testing and certification processes to validate the eye safety of their products.

Prescription compatibility is also a critical safety factor, ensuring users can experience clear visuals without straining their eyes.

Options like wearing prescription lenses inside the AR glasses or using diopter adjustment make it possible for those with vision impairments to use the technology comfortably. Responsible AR glass usage, regular breaks, and proper fit are crucial.

As long as you follow the best practices and safety guidelines manufacturers provide, the risks of eye strain or vision issues when using AR glasses are relatively low, especially compared to the many benefits these devices offer across enterprise, medical, and consumer use cases.


Now that you understand what AR glasses are and how prescription lens integration is a significant step toward making this technology accessible to a broader audience.

We highly recommend our MyW AR glasses for their attention to detail, unique features, high-quality design, and ability to work well with prescription lenses.

However, any of the other AR glasses with prescription capabilities, such as the models we’ve highlighted from Rokid, Vuzix, Ray Ban Meta, and XREAL Air, are excellent choices when selecting the best prescription AR glasses.

It’s essential to focus on finding the correct AR glasses for you. Whether you want AR glasses to help you with your job or just for watching movies, consider your priorities to make the most of your glasses.

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